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I felt most helpless, I can tell you, because I had divined that Ram had poured into the idea of the radio all his worries and regrets about what he had done, that if the dream were to die he would be forced to face the full gravity of his crime against his own body, to understand that the thief’s widow had turned him, before she married him, into a thief of a stupid and terrible kind, because she had made him rob himself.

Salman Rushdie, “The Free Radio”

In his willingness to throw caution to the wind Ramani shows us just how blinding love is and how people are willing to do crazy things for love. Ramani is willing to steal his own manhood and sexual power from himself just so he can marry the thief’s widow, who has made her expectations clear. She has given him an ultimatum where he can either have himself and then lose her, or he can have her and lose himself. He is unwilling to listen to any of the advice given to him by the elderly teacher, and through his ignorance he is forced to live a lie. If he gives up on his dreams then he will have to face the reality that he robbed himself of being a man because of her. He will have to admit that he was so foolish as to blindly fall in love with a woman who would not have him unless he destroys himself.

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